Creative Web Design

Learn how to apply your own creative style to your web designs and create projects that emotiionally hook your audience with Olga, a creative derector and a member of Awwwards Jury

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Olga Shevchenko

About the course

Teach you how to create emotional web design that hooks your audience. You will master the skills of creative thinking and learn to create custom grids, use creative typography and build site animation.

You will work as a director of your project when you make not just a picture, but think through everything from a concept to selling your work. You will add to your portfolio a new design project arranged as a professional case.

This course is for you if

  • You are a junior-level designer and want to speed up your workflow
  • You are a visual designer who wants to learn how to create extraordinary and outstanding projects
  • You are a UI designer who wants to develop your own creative style
  • You are tired of "creative web design" from standard templates

After this course, you will be able to

  • use the skills and methods of creative thinking.
  • build custom creative grids for your projects and to follow simple steps of working with adaptive design.
  • use creative typography on the site and understand what you need to consider in typography when designing.
  • create a case for your project, including the structure, text, music, sound and direction.
  • understand how animation helps UX and makes it easier to perceive the content on the website.
  • understand how composition works on the web, the main and secondary hero, main composition bases.
  • create emotional web design using methods of creative thinking, creative custom grids with animation and creative typography and make your own project case for your portfolio

What’s inside?

Lesson 1.

Setting Design Goals. SMART. Definitions: what an achievable goal is; how to set goals correctly; what goals are for.

Lesson 2.

Visual bank. How to look for ideas, sources of inspiration and replenish your visual bank. How to build your own unique projects.

Lesson 3.

Composition. The main bases of composition. Understanding of the main and secondary character. How composition works on the web.

Lesson 4.

Typography. Construction of letters. Kerning, leading, tracking. The difference between an antique and a grotesque. How typography works on the web. Typography when working with content on the site. What to consider in typography when designing.

Lesson 5.

Creativity. Various tools for boosting creativity. Brainstorming methods. Walt Disney model and complex associations.

Lesson 6.

Custom Grids. What grids are for and how to build them. Differences between grids and guides. Creative grids and how to adapt them.

Lesson 7.

Animating Interfaces. Types of animation. Microinteractions. How animation helps UX and simplifies content delivery.

Lesson 8.

Working with a Client. How to make friends with a client. How to understand your client. Briefs and everything related to the client.

Lesson 9.

Working with Cases. What a good case is and how to build it. How a good case helps you sell your work: structure, meat, music, sound and direction.

Lesson 10.

The Spiral of Designer Evolution. Designer development map. Reaching the ceiling of development and where to go next when you have achieved everything. Art direction and team management.


We have a friendly welcoming community of all the Product Design Academy students and of this course specifically.

Hometasks to help you consolidate knowledge

Almost each lesson comes with a hometask to help you learn by doing


This course will be available for you on any device and you can review the course materials after you complete it

Who will be teaching?

Olga Shevchenko
Creative Director at Vintage Web Production

Olga Shevchenko is a Creative Director at Vintage. Olga is an award-winning designer, a member of Awwwards Jury, The Webby Awards Jury, Ad Black Sea \ White Square \ ADC*E juries etc. She began as a web designer at Vintage then advanced to the position of Art Director and later to Creative Director of the whole company. Olga sees herself as a true Design Evangelist.

Olga Shevchenko


How are you different from other online product design schools

We offer knowledge and skills which won't break the bank. You retain access to the materials after you complete the course and also retain access to the Slack community of peers and experts from all over the world.

What forms of payment do you accept

We accept credit, debit or ATM cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pay or payment via PayPal

Do you offer a refund if I don't find the course helpful?

You can get a full refund within 7 days after the course starts (most of the courses are available right after purchase, so it is a starting point for refund policy terms)

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes, we do! Email us in case you need it after you complete the course and we will send it to you.

What is so special about your online courses?

Our courses cover various spheres of product design, from the design itself to user research and product management. They can help you upgrade your skills to find your dream job even if it includes switching career fields (most of our courses work well even for those who have no expertise in product design) or master game-changing creative techniques that can be applied at the job you already have.

You can start any course at any time and still retain access to learning materials after you complete it. We also did our best to make the studying process as comfy as possible:

  • both desktop and mobile versions are available
  • there is a Slack community for students of each course
  • we provide support to our students throughout the course
Do I need prior education in the sphere to take your courses

Most our courses are suitable for people with no prior knowledge in product design at all. Even those that are created for experienced professionals do not require any formal education in the sphere.

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  • Full cycle covered: from getting an inspiration to building a great relationships with your clients
  • Practical tools and frameworks to speed up your workflow
  • Business side of web design included
  • Project case for your portfolio
  • Access to the lesson materials and community after you finish the course

Interested in a specific area?

We are working on courses in different areas relevant to modern product designers. Pick your first priority and get notified when courses on this topic are available

Ideation & brainstorming


User research tools and techniques


Business analysis and research


Future of design (e.g. voice, VR)


UI/UX design




Growth marketing


Designer soft skills