Product Designer’s Mindset

Alex Solod from Spotify will prepare you to shift to a product design career path

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Alex Solod

About the course

Mindset is in the first place what defines how we act and what kind of problems we are able to solve.

Together with Alex you will learn and practice how to switch your mind to be able to think and act like a product designer.

This will change the results of your creative process and your approach to it from simply following your artistic goals to finding a solution at the intersection of strategic business goals, user needs, and technical feasibility of the team.

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This course is for you if

  • You are willing to get the Product Design position
  • You want to tackle more strategic tasks and have more impact on the final outcome
  • You want to be a part of or lead a cross-functional diverse teams
  • You are tired of spending time on pixel-perfect designs and willing to provide a real value to the user

After this course, you will be able to

  • Create a balance between user and business needs, perfection and speed, user experience and tech feasibility on your project.
  • Obtain, practice, and use multiple frameworks and tools that I use daily to speed up your workflow.
  • Talk with your product, business, tech partners, and team members on the same language and build an efficient, smooth process with them.
  • Get an action plan on how to boost your career as a designer
  • But most importantly you will know what it is like to be a product designer, practice key skillset and obtain a proper mindset that will prepare you to shift to a product design career path

What’s inside?

Designer’s Role (3 lessons, 10 minutes)

Design is much more than just pretty images and we as designers can make real impact with the solutions we create. In this module, let’s dive into what makes you a great designer

  • Superpowers of a designer
  • Leadership framework
  • Thinking process
Working in a team (5 lessons, 27 minutes)

Here we will talk about how to involve diverse players in the ideation process and decision making. We will also look into what is important when you work in a team and why it is important to ensure that everyone participate

  • Understanding the distinct goals, mental models, and communication styles of key players in the design process
  • Measuring the KPIs to track the impact of design
  • How to write a hypothesis
  • Aligning a team around a single source of truth
  • 7 tips to improve communication in a team
Process (5 lessons, 51 minutes)

Time to act! Instead of jumping straight to the creation process, you need to spend some time observing your user's behavior, find the real problem to solve, and only then start ideating the solution.

  • Design thinking mindset and methodology
  • Interview with a User Researcher
  • Understanding the problem
  • Ideating
  • Prototyping and testing
  • Delivering with quality
Create your gameplan (4 lesson, TBD minutes - work in progress)

Having great case studies in your portfolio is not enough if your goal is a career. This module is about what steps and habits will help you to have everyone know a right story about you.

  • Boosting your career by building the right habits
  • Setting long-term goals
  • Raising your value
  • Creating a strong portfolio


We have a friendly welcoming community of all the Product Design Academy students and of this course specifically.

Hometasks to help you consolidate knowledge

Almost each lesson comes with a hometask to help you learn by doing


This course will be available for you on any device and you can review the course materials after you complete it

What Should I Expect from the Course?

The course is prerecorded and adapted to a busy pace of life. Feel free to study anytime, anywhere, using your PC or smartphone. All the course materials will be added to your personal account.

We believe that communication matters, that’s why you will be provided with an access to our Slack community. There you can discuss lessons and ask questions both to other students and course authors.

Each module will be followed by a home assignment.

Who will be teaching?

Alex Solod
Senior Product Designer @Spotify

My main interests are psychology, technology and art and I see product design as something that combines it all together. I’ve spent the past 13 years designing things for the internet and excited to share with you things I’ve learned.

Alex Solod

6 years in Spotify, creating products and features used by millions of people.


7 years in the agency world, where I had a chance to work with different international clients, including Wired, Skoda, Starbucks and others.

Personal projects

For over 8 years I have run my own side startups, which completely changed the way I think about design

Hyper Island

Interactive Art Director



How are you different from other online product design schools

We offer knowledge and skills which won't break the bank. You retain access to the materials after you complete the course and also retain access to the Slack community of peers and experts from all over the world.

What forms of payment do you accept

We accept credit, debit or ATM cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pay or payment via PayPal

Do you offer a refund if I don't find the course helpful?

You can get a full refund within 7 days after the course starts (most of the courses are available right after purchase, so it is a starting point for refund policy terms)

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes, we do! Email us in case you need it after you complete the course and we will send it to you.

What is so special about your online courses?

Our courses cover various spheres of product design, from the design itself to user research and product management. They can help you upgrade your skills to find your dream job even if it includes switching career fields (most of our courses work well even for those who have no expertise in product design) or master game-changing creative techniques that can be applied at the job you already have.

You can start any course at any time and still retain access to learning materials after you complete it. We also did our best to make the studying process as comfy as possible:

  • both desktop and mobile versions are available
  • there is a Slack community for students of each course
  • we provide support to our students throughout the course
Do I need prior education in the sphere to take your courses

Most our courses are suitable for people with no prior knowledge in product design at all. Even those that are created for experienced professionals do not require any formal education in the sphere.

$75 $149
  • Practical tools and frameworks to speed up your workflow
  • Techniques for communication with product, business, teach, and team
  • Techniques on boosting your designer’s career
  • Design Thinking methodology with application guide
  • Access to the course and community after you finish

Interested in a specific area?

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User research tools and techniques


Business analysis and research


Future of design (e.g. voice, VR)


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Growth marketing


Designer soft skills