Introduction to User Experience: Qualitative Research & Design Thinking

Learn how to design high-impact user experiences by conducting qualitative research together with Kate from Preply

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Kate from Preply

About the course

This course is about different types of qualitative research methods and practical guidance on how to apply them while building a product.

Qualitative user research is not just important, it’s critical. This is the “am I planning to build the right thing or not” sense-check. This is an invaluable help with ideation process. It is an instrument of positive changes and minimised risks.

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This course is for you if

  • You are a designer who wants to get an in-depth understanding of users.
  • You have heard about "user experience" and “qualitative research”, but don't really know how to apply these disciplines at work.
  • You want to design products or services that are trully useful.
  • You work in a startup and want to know what your customers really want.
  • You are an entrepreneur and you need a working tool to validate your ideas and get new insights.

After this course, you will be able to

  • Choose the relevant type of research based on the problem you're solving.
  • Use a wide range of tools and guidelines for preparing and executing a UX research.
  • Avoid common mistakes, ask the right questions and deal with complicated respondents.
  • Adopt a proper mindest for user research.
  • Analyse and present results.
  • Prioritise insights and take actions.
  • Maintain the innovation pipeline.

What’s inside?

Introduction (2 lessons, 6 minutes)

In this section, we'll discuss why you need to begin doing research and what you need to keep in mind before you get started.

  • The course agenda & goals
  • Common pains of stakeholders
  • The power of research
Choosing the Right Type of Research (6 lessons, 64 minutes)

In this section, we’ll learn how to choose the right methodology and will go through tips on how to reach out to your users.

  • Problem definition
  • The types of UX research depending on a problem
  • Tricky statistics, recruitment guide, rapport and empathy, common mistakes.
Types of Qualitative UX Research (3 lessons, 44 minutes)

Here we’ll cover the 3 most insightful qualitative research methods in detail.

  • Observation
  • Interviewing
  • Formative usability testing
From Field to Action (3 lessons, 30 minutes)

In the final section, we’ll close our journey with tips on how to analyze and act on data you discovered. Learn how to analyse and present findings, how to prioritise insights & maintain an innovation pipeline

  • Analyze
  • Present
  • Prioritize


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Who will be teaching?

Kateryna Martynova
Head of User Research @Preply

For the last 5 years, Katya has been working in the IT-sphere, managing customer support and user research teams. Her course is based on her experience in numerous cases of problem-solving and gives an insight into the types of research required for a company to grow.

Fan fact, Katya's fingerprints are rarely readable ;)

Alex Solod

Head of User Research

Mentorship by ex-Chief of Research at Facebook

Katya was lucky to be mentored by Paul Harwood

Masters at National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'

Major in Market Research

The Chartered Institute for IT

Foundation Certificate, User Experience, according to the ISO9241



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$75 $149
  • Overview of research methods for you to easily choose the right one
  • Ready-to-apply toolbox to prepare and run users study
  • Full cycle of qualitative research covered: from planning to actionable results
  • Best practices of presenting research results
  • Access to the lesson materials and community after you finish the course

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