Teamwork Essentials: what every team member needs to know

The good team dynamics is not mere luck, but something you can work on. With Larissa and Adam you will learn how to become an effective team in the world of remote work

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Teamwork Essentials: what every team member needs to know

About the course

The way we work and collaborate is continuously changing. Fast product releases, the need for remote collaboration, and swift adoption of agile methods of working require a shift in mindset in how we organise as a team, as well as a set of methods and tools to navigate this new reality.

In this course, we’ve combined our expertise and experience and paved a shortcut for you by giving you a set of tools and insights you can use in your teams straight away.

You will be able to identify areas in which your team can grow, and recommend tools that will lead to feasible improvements. Long-term you will be able to coach your team through constant change, increase team cohesion, and keep efficiency high, regardless of your team's set-up and location(s).

Study at your own pace

Pre-recorded video lessons

Home assignments

Slack channel with your fellow students and teacher

Accessible from desktop, phone, and TV

Access to materials after course completion

English language

Videos with ENG subtitles


And 11 exercises


1 hour per week investment

This course is for you if

  • You want to build your skill of developing teams (by the way, one of the most desirable skills for leading positions).
  • You are a team leader who wants to improve the way your team collaborates.
  • You work with your team remotely and feel that you are losing the rapport with your team.
  • You are a designer and need to facilitate events with many people involved.
  • You work as a freelancer and want to get bigger projects.

After this course, you will be able to

  • Understand how team development works and how it helps to make a team productive.
  • Monitor key areas of team performance and spot relevant opportunities for improvement.
  • Apply team development tools and methods according to your team's needs and setting.
  • Use a broad toolbox for effective collaboration, ready to apply in your team.
  • Apply feedback and retrospective for efficient learning.
  • Foster a culture of inclusion and trust.
  • Our approach is 'remote-first', however, it can be applied to any setting.

What’s inside?

Team Landing

In this module, you will gain awareness of how team processes work, learn the key areas of team performance, and how to monitor them and get introduced to the concept of Psychological Safety and trust in a team.

  • 3 Truths about Team Development
  • Psychological Safety in Your Team
  • Build Trust in your Team
  • Key Productivity Competencies
Setting a Team

Here we will go directly to what matters. After the initial analysis of your team needs in the previous module, you will now start using the necessary tools and set your team to become more effective. You will start with clear objectives and learn how to set up your team for them.

  • Setting SMART Goals
  • Objectives and Key Results
  • Role Definition & Team Structure
Team in Action

After defining the objectives with your team, we will explore methods and approaches that will help you turn your vision into action applying a collaborative process and tools to perform effectively.

  • Teamwork Mindset
  • Team Culture Agreement
  • Team Process: Rituals & Tools
  • Tech Tools
  • Facilitation & Effective Meetings
  • Designing Engaging Remote Workshops
Team Learning

In this final module, we will look into ways of evolving as a team. We will explore how to create a long-term impact on the culture of the team by adopting a continuous learning mindset, giving feedback and having open communication.

  • Reflection
  • Active Listening
  • Feedback & Nonviolent Communication
  • Team and Project Retrospective


We have a friendly welcoming community of all the Product Design Academy students and of this course specifically.

Hometasks to help you consolidate knowledge

Almost each lesson comes with a hometask to help you learn by doing.


This course will be available for you on any device and you can review the course materials after you complete it

Who will be teaching?

Adam Ambrozy
Co-Founder @MakeTeamWork

Adam is a multi-awarded former strategy executive converted into a tech entrepreneur, innovation expert, coach and speaker. Adam is a co-founder of MakeTeamWork, a consulting boutique helping clients across cultures to develop effective teams. Hyper Island Alumnus, he lived in 9 countries, making cultural immersion and cross-cultural team development the centre of his professional life.

Adam Ambrozy
Larissa Menocci
Co-Founder @MakeTeamWork

Larissa is a communication professional, tech entrepreneur, and a human connection designer. She is an expert on how to use Design Thinking for team development. Since 2011 she has facilitated hundreds of workshops in three continents leading tens of teams to business success. Larissa is a Hyper Island and Berlin School of Creative Leadership alumna, co-founder of MakeTeamWork, and is continuously striving to make people work together better.

Larissa Menocci

Since 2017 MakeTeamWork has been a strategic partner for teams and organisations that aim to accelerate transformation. MakeTeamWork teams up with ambitious humans to drive change. They work with such topics as Team Development, Remote Working, Design Thinking, Innovation and Feedback.

Reviews (8)

Teams we build value with

Gabriel Schwartzmann - Wundermann London

Services: Personal Coaching

"Adam's work is really professional and personal at the same time. He makes his time with you feel like a conversation among friends. It's amazing how many details he has noticed when sharing his feedback. He back everything up with scientific evidence, which makes working with him very professional. In his sessions he doesn’t push you towards something, but rather takes some weight off your shoulders which boost your performance. He is always preparing himself in several ways, not only by gathering more information (which he does), but also by working on his own personal growth. Sharing my challenges and having his help when addressing them has been one of the best experiences I've had..”

Tadeusz Kuropatwiński - Naspers Group

Services: Strategic Alignment, Process Innovation, Business & Brand Coaching

"I hired maketeamwork for a long-term rebranding project. Their role was to help develop a human-centred strategy that would inform all the brand activities as well as ensure the right flow of execution, which was a challenge in itself taking into consideration that the team consisted of people from three countries. Adam and his team handled it as expected: they did a world class job - inspiring strategy and great team dynamics. As a result, the outcome exceeded expectations and went well beyond the brief. Strongly recommend hiring this team!”

Gabriela Bueno — Branding and Content Consultant

"Larissa is strategic and analytical, with a passion for disrupting the status quo. Not only is she highly talented, but it instantly makes a difference at any step of a co-creation, strategic, or team development initiatives. Also known by her big smile, contagious energy, and sharp mindset, Larissa can inspire any size or kind of audience with her oratory, didacticism, and ability to conduct a group's discussions and decision-making process. Oh, yes! She is also a breathtaking strategist - one of the best professionals I've had the pleasure to work with - no doubt.”

Hugo Rafael - Partner-Executive Officer @ANA COUTO

"Having the Lari on the team was something that changed our level. In addition to bringing contagious energy, it made us go deeper into our clients' issues. Recommend 😜”

Ranjit Bhinge — Founder at Device Interactions

January 14, 2020, Larissa worked with Ranjit in the same group

"Larissa is one of the most Human-Centred Designers and best Product Designers I know. During our time at Hyper Island, I learned a lot about empathy, design, and life just by being around her. Later, when we collaborated on Research together and designed Teaming, I noticed her natural flair for user interviews, getting meaningful feedback, understanding the user's perspective, and having a sort of sixth sense about what the User needs. I highly recommend her as a Designer and a person to have on any team.”

Florin Draghia - Lidl Romania

Services: Strategic Alignment, Team Development, Process Innovation, Personal & Brand Coaching

"Adam was hired to coordinate the launch of Lidl Romania. Adam stood up a as real team player and a pillar for our strategic work. The team dynamics greatly improved, especially engagement and communication. Through his advice and action, we channeled our focus towards understanding the customer by turning an ego-centric company into a more open, customer-centric one. Proud to have been on the same team, I fully recommend that you give Adam a few hours of your time. It might change the way you act and do business.”

Paulo Fonseca - LAUX, Portugal

Services: Team Development

"Adam helped me launch the culture of feedback in my organisation. First, it looked like a small and non-important thing for running a business, but I quickly realised that I was totally wrong and that when you don't handle feedback in the right way, horrible things start to happen. We did a feedback workshop organised and given by Adam and it helped become much more attentive to this matter. Adam's understanding of how feedback works paired with his experience from dealing with teams was crucial for us. I thank him deeply for how he contributed to our processes. Now, I understand that it is a 'superpower' to give and receive feedback correctly and that it can literally make or break your company. Adam is the guy to help you with that. So, if you're in that spot, reach out to him for help and enjoy the ride!”

Olga Bukowska - Billon Group

Services: Strategic Alignment, Team Development, Coaching

"I met Adam when he was advising Billon on its commercial strategy and Team set-up. Very few people have Adam’s ability to not only inspire business transformation but also deliver it. He has run several workshops at Billon, with junior and mid-level managers as well as with the Board, and we have all witnessed an instant mindset shift on how to build our future as a truly human-centric organization. I see Adam as a great counselor and mentor who is genuinely interested in people’s challenges and smoothly creates a mindful change in behavior.”


How are you different from other online product design schools

We offer knowledge and skills which won't break the bank. You retain access to the materials after you complete the course and also retain access to the Slack community of peers and experts from all over the world.

What forms of payment do you accept

We accept credit, debit or ATM cards (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), Apple Pay, Google Pay or payment via PayPal

Do you offer a refund if I don't find the course helpful?

You can get a full refund within 7 days after the course starts (most of the courses are available right after purchase, so it is a starting point for refund policy terms)

Do you provide a certificate of completion?

Yes, we do! Email us in case you need it after you complete the course and we will send it to you.

What is so special about your online courses?

Our courses cover various spheres of product design, from the design itself to user research and product management. They can help you upgrade your skills to find your dream job even if it includes switching career fields (most of our courses work well even for those who have no expertise in product design) or master game-changing creative techniques that can be applied at the job you already have.

You can start any course at any time and still retain access to learning materials after you complete it. We also did our best to make the studying process as comfy as possible:

  • both desktop and mobile versions are available
  • there is a Slack community for students of each course
  • we provide support to our students throughout the course
Do I need prior education in the sphere to take your courses

Most our courses are suitable for people with no prior knowledge in product design at all. Even those that are created for experienced professionals do not require any formal education in the sphere.

$75 $149
  • Ready-to-apply toolbox of the proven techniques
  • Research-based knowledge only
  • Facilitation techniques for remote and international teams
  • Confidence and tools to consciously improve your team dynamics
  • Key indicators of team performance to monitor
  • Access to the lesson materials and the community after you finish the course

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